Fraser & Son
Rustic Creations

The place for all your deck, garden decor and man cave needs



Fraser & Son is a family run business that caters to the lover of beer, BBQ's, man caves and the great outdoors. It all started with the production of our first beer tote. Didn't go so well, the bottle opener couldn't open the beer bottle leaving us looking pretty foolish!  

Well, we've come very far since then.  We are committed to using and selling only the best of quality to ensure that you, the customer, will be fully satisfied. Only recycled wood is used in all of our 

plaques, totes, signs and other wood products. We also pride ourselves in working with artists and manufacturers  that practice fair trade and wages. We love To work with all recycled materials as  we find that true beauty can be found in the discarded ..


Upcoming events: 

Come visit us at the Ottawa Beer Festival May 8 & 9


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